The Project

To overcome these obstacles, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has now had recourse to specific steps, for during a conference in Zurich in August 2005 he called on the Ven. Jampa Tsedroen (Carola Roloff) to form a committee of Western nuns, to support him with a summary of their research findings and knowledge attained in finding a solution to this problem in Tibetan Buddhism. To emphasize his wish, he has made a donation of CHF 50,000 to this committee of Western nuns that practices in the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. In pursuit of this commission, this sum is administered by the Foundation for Buddhist Studies and now has been fully used.

The Committee for Bhiksuni Ordination (CBO) consists of:

Chinese professor, the Ven. Heng-ching Shih and the Ven. Master Wu Yin, specialists on the subjects of the Dharmagupta tradition of nuns, of the Vinaya and the Bhikshuni Ordination Ritual, have both been co-opted as consultants.

The Committee for Bhiksuni Ordination has very effectively set about its work and published their findings and suggestions for possible procedures to offer full ordination to nuns in the Tibetan Tradition.

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