Congress 2007

The committee has already set about its work and Jampa Tsedroen (Dr. Carola Roloff, MA) and Dr. Thea Mohr, both Germany, as organizers inside the Foundation for Buddhist Studies and in cooperation with the Africa Asia Institute of the University of Hamburg, have organised the

1st International Congress
on Buddhist Women's Role in the Sangha
Bhikshuni Vinaya and Ordination Lineages
University of Hamburg
July 18-20, 2007

The proceedings were published in the original English version as

Dignity and Discipline: Reviving Full Ordination for Buddhist Nuns (Edited by Thea Mohr and Jampa Tsedroen)

But, to ensure a sound basis for ongoing discussions, we are considering to have them translated in as many Asian languages as possible, starting with Tibetan.

The German edition has been published by Edition Steinrich in 2011, titled "Mit Würde und Beharrlichkeit".

The outcome of the congress is being documented on the congress website.

The Foundation for Buddhist Studies appeals for material support for the planned translations and publications.

Please also see the funding request in support of the Committee for Bhiksuni Ordination (CBO).

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